[is] AS adjective AS something meaning
as blind as a bat —————-  completely blind
as cold as ice ——————-   very cold
as flat as a pancake ————-  completely flat
as gentle as a lamb ————–very gentle
as light as a feather ————–very light
as old as the hills —————-very old
as sharp as a knife —————very sharp
as strong as a bull —————-very strong
as white as snow —————–pure white
as wise as an owl —————–very wise
Longer list of AS…AS similes
[is] LIKE something possible meaning (depending on context)
like a rose ————-beautiful
like a volcano ———-explosive
like garbage ————disgusting
like an animal ———–inhuman
like spaghetti ————entangled
like dewdrops ————sweet and pure
like golddust ————-precious
like a tip —————–very untidy (tip = garbage dump)
like a dream ————–wonderful, incredible
like stars —————–bright and beautiful
[does] LIKE something meaning
to drink like a fish—————— to drink a lot
to eat like a bird——————– to eat very little
to eat like a horse——————- to eat a lot
to eat like a pig———————- to eat impolitely
to fight like cats and dogs———— to fight fiercely
to sing like an angel—————– to sing beautifully
to sleep like a log——————– to sleep well and soundly
to smoke like a chimney————- to smoke heavily, all the time
to soar like an eagle—————– to fly high and free
to work like a dog——————– to work very hard

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