Give your child a better life through language
Many of us remember our parents, grandparents or perhaps older siblings reading bedtime stories to us. These were tales (câu chuyện) of mystical (huyền bí) creatures (sinh vật), talking trees, beautiful faeries (bà tiên) and fearless (can đảm) heroes on great adventures.
But what is this fairytale (truyện cổ tích) world good for?
Reading and telling stories to our children fosters (bồi dưỡng) their inclination (xu hướng) toward imagination and, eventually, speech. But you may not have known just how important a positive early language environment is for the development of speech – and for future academic success.
In these blinks, you’ll learn how a child’s brain is wired and how language plays a central role in the information of their neuronal network. You’ll discover how talking to your children paves (mở đường) the way for future academic achievement and how you, as a parent, can exert (gắng sức) a positive influence.
You’ll also learn:

  • why a child’s neurons are similar to freestanding (đứng tự do) telephones poles
  • why it become more and more difficult to learn new languages as we grow older
  • why it’s worthwhile (đáng giá) to speak at least 2000 words to your children every day.


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