3 thoughts on “Entry for April 23, 2007”

  1. Hoover Dam

    Highest concrete arch dam in the U.S., built on the Colorado River at the Arizona-Nevada border. It impounds Lake Mead. The dam, completed in 1936, is used for flood and silt control, electric power, irrigation, and domestic and industrial water supplies. It is 726 ft (221 m) high and 1,244 ft (379 m) long (along the crest), has a power capacity of 1,345 megawatts, and a volume of 4.4 million cu yd (3.36 million cu m).

    Vâng ạ, hoàn thành năm 1936 đó ạ, dã man tàn bạo thật

  2. den dui,hom 28/4 va 29/4 toi cung di MC-HB.dinh troi mua chang di xem dc dau.ra long ho thuy dien thi mua tam mua ta.tron chui tron nhui trong thuyen.chang chup dc cai nao chi bit no rong thenh thang


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