How to backup your last time with Xiaomi camera

I bought a Xiaomi camera, with 32GB microSD, it can record about 10 days, but it saves data to many folders, per folder has many files, the length of file less than 60 seconds. When I backup data from microSD to hard disk, it is difficult to watch because I must open file many many time.
So, I want to merge all file in the folder to one file and upload to youtube to easy to access. I have to code something.
The first, I install FFmpeg to my Mac, it is not easy as installing FFmpeg on Ubuntu, but I did. That’s ok, FFmpeg saves my life :p. This is my code:

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  1. 1 cách làm ko cần code trên Windows: search 1 phát *.mp4, cut rồi paste ra 1 folder, dùng freemake hoặc mkvtoolnix combine lại là xong :))

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