6 Promises to Stick to

6 Promises to Stick to

1. I will live and work a passionate life.

I will wake up every morning, reminding me of my ultimate goal. I will do whatever it takes to succeed.

2. I will go for it or reject it outright.

I will do everything neccesary with two hundred percent of my ability. And I will quit, forget any thing trivial, uncomfortable, unrealistic at the first second.

3. I will take one action step each day toward my ultimate vision.

I promismyself that happiness is not success alone. It’s all the laughters and tears I exprience all the way.

4. I commit to being a success student for life.

I will learn from any expert in any field. I will read books carefully, listen from failers and succesfulers. I have to make personal improvement everyday.

5. I believe I can do anything

And without anymore words.

6. I will take care of my dearests

I will spend time with my family and my friends. I will have a good health for all my life to shoulder. I will make time for myself and my hobbies.

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